Nuru massage Prague

Nuru massage Prague

Welcome to our Erotic & Nuru massage studio in center of Prague, Czech Republic

What it's Nuru?

The word "Nuru" came from Japanese and it means slippery. That's the specific of Nuru gel, made from seaweed in Japanese.

Gel is thick – it's similar to lubricant. Don't dry up, don't cling. Gel is soluble in water, so it's easy to wash off. It's not an oil.

Process of Nuru Massage...

We'll start with thorough soap massage in bathroom. Masseuse will wash and massage every inch of your body. You can reciprocate it of course :) She'll dry you and massage can start :).

We do massage on heated massage pad. Nuru massage is body to body massage, provided by slow motion by whole wight of masseuse's body.

Finish of Nuru massage...

As you may know, our salon has simply rules - no oral, no sex. These rules are valid for Nuru massage as well. Anyway, what's not restricted, that is allowed :). So if you have image, or secret dream, don't hesitate to tell us. It's up to you and your masseuse how it will be fulfilled...

Nuru massage Prague

Some experiences from practice :)...

Nuru gel is not hot even not cold. It has neutral composition based on water. Without color, without taste. Nothing is inside it :) Extremly slippery. Intensive, pressure massage by fingers is impossible.

Nuru gel dry up very slow and it's smooth to skin :)

We use warm gel, which after some time get little cold. It's refreshing. You'll appreciate it specially on hot summer days. When it's cold outside, we warm up the room to the 26°C (78.8 F) and we turn on electrical heating massage pad.

Not only Nuru gel, but all of our massage lotions are base on water. It has one important advantage for you - it doesn't block pores on your skin, it won't make your hair greasy, even the clothes. Nuru gell will only dry up and it's easy to wash out. :)

Are you interested in Nuru massage? You want to try it? Check it out here!

Nuru massage Prague

Nuru & Erotic massage in center of Prague

We are your oasis of peace and pampered body and soul. You can find us in the heart of Prague. You will be spoiled by sympathetic, experienced and sexy masseuse here. In a theme and a very pleasant environment you'll get everything we'll read from your eyes. We have only one rule, which is - according to our theory - much more exciting and sexy. All erotic services are provided by hands only.

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